Park Avenue or Bust!

Park Avenue or Bust! A New Vasa and Ypres Adventure, as it were

Summer is almost over. Children are back at school. Adults are back at work. Adults with childish dispositions are rejoicing. Vasa and Ypres are back for a full-length adventure: Park Avenue or Bust!

The new adventure will be published, chapter by chapter, on Mondays starting on 5 September 2016. It begins where A Mayfair Conundrum and the first Summer Short Shorts short story left off. You can refresh your memory, or start afresh, by reading through the blog or buying A Mayfair Conundrum on Amazon.

The continued success of the Vasa and Ypres series is made possible by readers like you. Over 1000 people are now following this blog, either by accident or by design. Either way, your continued support and insightful comments have helped the series develop. Should you feel like making a monetary contribution, there is now a strategically placed donation button on the main page. Donations will go towards upgrading the blog.

Until next Monday, I wish you all a hearty cheerio!

Yours truly,

J. B. Chisholm

Chapter I will be published Monday, 5 September 2016, at 12:00 EST 17:00 GMT. Vasa and Ypres’s first full-length adventure, Vasa and Ypres: A Mayfair Conundrum, is available on Amazon. If you enjoy Vasa and Ypres, please share on social media. Vasa and Ypres is on Twitter. You can also join over 1000 WordPress followers.

3 thoughts on “Park Avenue or Bust! A New Vasa and Ypres Adventure, as it were

  1. Dear Author (aka J.B. Chisholm):
    What is the appeal of Vasa and Ypres?
    The charismatic characters infused with folly and foibles? Definitely! The quintessential wit? Indubitably! A 21st century comedic world devoid of uncurtailed vulgarity and profanity? How refreshing!
    Analysis may be useful, but the only thing that really matters is fans clamouring for more. And luckily for us, you are meeting our demands. Therefore, I propose a challenge to all Vasa and Ypres readers. In the spirit of giving back, that we actively spread the word to make it happen for the author that makes us laugh out loud.
    With utmost conviction,

    Liked by 2 people

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